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JMP Advisors - India Budget 2017-18

JMP Advisors provides Advisory, Tax and Regulatory services in India.
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  • Advisory

    • Foreign Investment Advisory

    • JMP Advisors

      Foreign Investment Advisory

      • Advice on Government Foreign Direct Investment policy, business/corporate laws and exchange control regulations
      • Advice on sector specific policies
      • Inbound and Outbound advisory-recommendation on the appropriate jurisdiction and form of entity to set up business activity and assistance in implementation, including company formation
      • Assistance in processing investment applications to Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) and Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
      • Advice on various issues under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA)
      • Assistance in negotiating various joint venture agreements from a business, tax and regulatory perspective
      • Advice on ownership structuring and related tax and regulatory matters
    • Fiscal Strategy & Policy Foresight

    • JMP Advisors

      Fiscal Strategy & Policy Foresight

      Fiscal/Tax policy related services are concerned with studying and understanding the intention of the Government in introducing specific measures and steering the thought process of the Government and the stakeholders towards a more harmonious approach. These services would typically concern with:

      • Advice on fiscal policy direction
      • Advice on tax strategy and tax risk management
      • Advocacy on policy amendments and tax changes
      • Advice on Foreign Trade Policy
      • Advice on industrial policies of various Indian States
      • Advice on laws and policies related to Export Oriented Units (EOUs) and Special Economic Zones (SEZs)
      • Advice on sector specific policies such as Automotive, Aviation, Banking, Defence, Energy, Financial Services, Infrastructure, Insurance, Pharma and Technology
      • Representation to the Government on the impact assessment of proposed policy measures
    • Family Business Planning

    • JMP Advisors

      Family Business Planning

      • Trusted business advisor to high net worth families
      • Advice on family arrangements, structuring and partitioning of family wealth/businesses
      • Advice on tax efficient dispositions and assistance in implementation
      • Review of family arrangements from a tax and regulatory perspective
    • Due Diligence & Valuation

    • JMP Advisors

      Due Diligence & Valuation

      • Assistance in carrying out commercial, tax and regulatory due diligence
      • Advice on key issues and pitfalls in takeovers/mergers/spinoffs
      • Provide recommendations on structuring the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account
      • Assistance in DCF and statutory valuations
      • Assistance in valuation of intellectual property, shares & securities
      • Review of existing valuation reports
  • Direct Tax & Regulatory

    • International Tax

    • JMP Advisors

      International Tax

      • Advice on tax efficient structuring of cross border transactions, including Holding company jurisdictions to encompass the entire gamut of inbound and outbound tax issues
      • Advice on interpretation of double tax avoidance agreements
      • Identify potential double taxation and related issues and recommend alternatives to mitigate them including advice on Permanent establishment issues, taxation of digital economy and impact of Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS) action points on business activities
      • Advice on withholding tax matters and assistance in obtaining withholding tax orders
    • Indian Domestic Tax

    • JMP Advisors

      Indian Domestic Tax

      • Advisory services relating to Indian Income tax law
      • Tax planning strategies to mitigate the incidence of Indian tax
      • Identify tax risks and exposures and recommend strategies to manage them
      • Review contracts and recommend tax effective solutions
      • Review tax impact of specific issues and amendments in tax laws and provide tax opinions
      • Advice on withholding tax obligations, assist in obtaining withholding tax orders, no objection certificates and tax registrations
      • Preparation and filing of Indian corporate tax and other returns; advice on tax positions to be adopted in the returns
    • Transfer Pricing

    • JMP Advisors

      Transfer Pricing

      • Undertake transfer pricing studies and suggest documentation required
      • Recommend appropriate transfer pricing strategies
      • Review of specified domestic transactions
      • Assistance in issuing the Accountant’s Report in Form 3CEB as required under Indian domestic tax law
      • Advice on strategies to minimize transfer pricing adjustments
      • Preparation of Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) applications and their representation
      • Advisory and representation services for Advance Pricing Agreements (APA)
      • Provide complete range of services relating to resolution of transfer pricing adjustments, including assistance in representation before Dispute Resolution Panel (DRP) and Appellate authorities
      • Assist in issues arising out of BEPS Actions and their recommendations
    • Tax Dispute Resolution

    • JMP Advisors

      Tax Dispute Resolution

      • Assistance in representation before Indian Revenue authorities for assessments, stay proceedings and appeals, including in respect of transfer pricing issues
      • Preparation, review, filing and arguing of appeals, applications to DRP and Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR)
      • Assistance in representation in respect of AAR, APA and MAP matters
    • Mergers and Acquisitions

    • JMP Advisors

      Mergers and Acquisitions

      • Advice on structuring acquisitions, mergers and demergers
      • Advice on direct and indirect tax matters
      • Advice on stamp duty, exchange control and other key business regulations
      • Assistance in carrying out due diligence and valuation
      • Implementation of the acquisition/merger/demerger
  • Indirect Taxes

    • GST Services

    • JMP Advisors

      GST Services

      We advise on Central Excise Duty, Customs Duties, Central Sales Tax (CST), Value Added Tax (VAT), Service tax, Goods & Services Tax (GST), Foreign Trade Policy, State Excise Duty and other local levies like Entry Tax, Luxury Tax, Entertainment Tax, Local Body Tax and Legal Metrology (Weights & Measures Standards) Act.

      • GST advocacy
      • Impact assessment study of GST on client’s business models/operations
      • Step by step integration of business processes with GST processes for seamless GST transition and implementation
      • Identification of key exposures and designing efficient alternatives for mitigation of expenses
      • Representation before State and Central Authorities for modification of GST provisions/processes that may have an adverse implication on the client’s business
      • Training on strategic, legal and operational aspects of GST and its implementation
    • Advisory Services

    • JMP Advisors

      Advisory Services

      Our advisory services offer holistic support to clients on various indirect taxes, trade policies and allied legislations and include:

      • On call advisory support by way of brief and quick responses over e-mails or telephone
      • Well researched opinions for risk mitigation and tax optimisation
      • Review of transaction structure and advice on modification for tax risk mitigation
      • Diagnostic review/health check of various indirect tax compliances for:
        • mitigating tax risks/exposures
        • validating availability of incentives/schemes
        • preventing leakage of tax credits
      • Designing and regularly updating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on various indirect taxes applicable to a given business
      • Review of draft contracts for tax efficiency and risk mitigation
      • Advice on product classification and benefits under Preferential/Free Trade Agreements
      • End-to-end advisory and handholding support for the Customs valuation process
      • Handholding by way of advisory support and being present throughout any audit/inquiry/investigation
    • Compliance Services

    • JMP Advisors

      Compliance Services

      • Preparing and filing applications and regular follow ups for obtaining registration under VAT, CST, Excise, Service tax and Entry tax
      • End to end support for obtaining registration with the SEZ/EOU Authority
      • Computation of tax liability and preparation of tax returns and support to clients on VAT/CST and Service Tax on a pan-India basis
      • VAT Audits
      • Preparation and filing of refund claims under VAT, Service tax, Central Excise and Foreign Trade Policy
      • End to end compliance support to 100 percent EOUs /Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) Units and SEZ Units
      • End-to-end support in handling customs post clearance audits and related proceedings
    • Litigation Support

    • JMP Advisors

      Litigation Support

      We offer litigation support including representation services before Tribunals and quasi-judicial forums across India by way of the following:

      • Drafting of replies to notices/letters issued in inquiries/investigations
      • Appearance before revenue authorities in assessment/adjudication proceedings
      • Representation assistance by way of drafting, filing and appearing in Appeal matters
      • Representation assistance by way of drafting, filing and appearing before AAR
      • Complete hand-holding and representation support in proceedings before the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Development Commissioners (for SEZs/EOUs) and STPI Authority
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